HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc®

Micro screen with rotary mesh for reliable removal of fine suspended solids

  • Large screen surface on a small footprint
  • Very high filtrate quality
  • Gravity system
  • Maximum separation efficiency due to the definied separation provided by the square mesh
  • Removal of activated sludge flocks after secondary clarification tanks
  • Treatment of circulation water and service water
  • Preliminary filtration in drinking water recovery
  • Advanced phosphate reduction through preceding precipitation and flocculation

The HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® has been designed for fine screening of up to 1,500 m³/h with a mesh size down as small as 10 μm. The screen is especially suited for applications where a very high filtrate quality and large filter surface area is required.

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Due to its small space requirement and modular design the this rotary mesh screen can be tailored to suit any specific site requirements.

The HUBER Disc Filter RoDisc® is utilised for the separation of fine suspended material within municipal and industrial applications. The modular screen design allows for easy retrofitting of additional filter surface areas to meet the ever increasing throughput requirements. For example within municipal applications with preliminary screening and preceding biological treatment a throughput capacity of up to 1500 m³/h can be achieved with 20 filter discs.

This ultra fine screen works on the basis of the well-proven drum filter principle. The screen consists of horizontally arranged rotating filter discs installed on a central shaft and are submerged by up to 60% with each filter disc consisting of individual stainless steel segments covered with a square mesh. The wastewater to be treated flows through the segments from inside to outside and the filtrate is discharged at the inlet end of the screen.



The user's benefits

  • Screening with a defined separation size
  • provided by a square mesh
  • Gravity system (no lifting of wastewater required)
  • Low headloss, gravity filtration
  • High hydraulic throughput capacity
  • No external wash water supply required
  • Effluent standards are reliably met.
  • Reduced wastewater discharge charges
  • Reduction of filterable solids, COD, BOD, phosphorus
  • For installation within a stainless steel tank or in customer's concrete tank
  • Compact, enclosed design
  • Continuous operation principle


Case Studies

Case Studies

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