The New HUBER Q-PRESS® Sludge Dewaterers

The re-branding of HUBER’s Screw Press RoS3Q units to the Q-PRESS® range arrives in tandem with a number of additional optional design features.

Energy efficiency and performance:

All Q-PRESS® units now come with an IE4 motor fitted, giving an energy saving of up to 10% and the potential to run at slower speeds where this may be beneficial for maximizing the cake dryness. There is also the option to have a longer thickening zone and larger drainage area on the larger units in order to enhance performance.

Cleaning efficiency:

Larger units can now have a double helix on the auger that improves cleaning in the thickening zone. A new patented, self-adjusting wiper design that is more readily changed may now be used to clean the inner face of the wedge-wire drum more effectively. An alternative spray bar design to clean the outer face of the wedge-wire on the 620 and 800 size units that is similar to that of the S-PRESS is now available, such that washing takes place while sludge is still being processed. Additionally, separate washing of the thickening and dewatering zones is now possible.

Ease of maintenance:

As larger, longer units would need a significant space requirement to fully withdraw the entire auger, they may now come with split wedge-wire basket sections and more-readily removable upper shells so that wiper sections can be replaced in-situ and the auger can be lifted out from directly above, if required. The lower shell casings also now have a patented design option that facilitates ease of lowering, if required.

Key Benefits:

  • Low polymer requirements
  • Reduces transport costs
  • Efficient & reliable operation
  • Minimum operator attendance
  • Low power
  • 50+ UK reference sites
  • Offsite build packages available

For more information please contact Rachael Harvey on Tel. 01249 765000 or Email rhhuber.couk