Retail Market: industrial users set to be a key target market?

The opening of the business market to competition in England from April looks set to see retailers offer industrial customers a wide range of water and wastewater infrastructure solutions and services as part of their efforts to win new business.

In addition to offering water supply, leakage, metering and efficiency solutions, a number of the companies who have been granted a water supply and sewerage licences are also offering specialist services tailored specifically to meet the needs of manufacturing and industrial customers.

To mention just a few, services flagged up on a number of the firms like Waterplus, Water4business and Business Stream websites include:

  • Consultancy on existing treatment systems optimisation and new equipment recommendations
  • Cost reduction via the identification of ways to limit waste water production
  • Pipeline infrastructure services: sewer rehabilitation
  • Design and build for new treatment plants or upgrades to existing plants
  • Infrastructure installation, repair and renewal
  • Design and installation of new networks
  • Operation and maintenance for trade effluent treatment facilities

Wastewater and trade effluent services and management appears to be a key area where retailers have identified an opportunity to win new business by delivering solutions.

Business Stream, set to be the third-biggest operator in the combined Anglo-Scottish market, is already working with clients in a number of business sectors, including food and drink processing, manufacturing and industrial.

As part of its maintenance contract for the water treatment system at beverage giant Coca-Cola’s East Kilbride site, the retailer set about optimising the treatment plant for efficiency and discovered that the plant’s filters had been wasting 1.4% of the water used. Business Stream introduced new valve controls to correct this, as well as suggesting further ways to improve performance. As a result, the East Kilbride team has made further progress towards its environmental targets and saved money on water charges. They now also understand better how the plant can operate at maximum efficiency.

In a further development, HUBER Technology are pleased to announce that they have been awarded a framework from Business Stream for

  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) plants
  • Screens

HUBER Technology is a leading supplier of stainless steel waste water treatment equipment offering high quality innovative solutions for all wastewater requirements for both Municipal and Industrial markets.

Mechanical treatment via screens is indispensable as the first process step of preliminary treatment of wastewater, both for STP inlets and other fields of application such as process water treatment.

The DAF plants provide customers with the ability, to recirculate and reuse process water and discharge treated trade effluent, enabling them to reduce costs and meet environmental compliance requirements.

HUBER Technology’s Screens and DAF plants are already in operation for a variety of industrial and municipal applications, such as:

  • Meat processing and packing
  • Dairies
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Canneries
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Iron and steel industry

Steve Morris, Managing Director at HUBER Technology, is watching developments in the retail market with interest.

In his view, engagement by the retail water sector with the business community to raise awareness of what’s on offer will ultimately create more demand and thereby motivate suppliers to innovate and improve services.

 “The ability to deliver technology solutions provides a key route for water and sewerage providers to offer innovative solutions and improved services to their existing and prospective non-household customers. For industrial users in particular, equipment which helps them to reduce their discharge costs and ensure that they are fully compliant with environmental regulations ticks all the boxes – peace of mind and a positive impact on the bottom line.”

“Retailers who can deliver specialist solutions precisely tailored to meet the needs of customers like industrial users will undoubtedly be in a good position to increase their market share – and we’re happy to discuss how HUBER technology can help them achieve this.”