Press Release: Improved Performance from New HUBER Inlet Screen

Huber Technology’s new inlet Belt Screen EscaMax® has achieved exceptional results following recent tests at the National Screen Evaluation Facility (NSEF) at Chester Le Street. The average Screenings Capture Ratio was 84% which puts it as a leader in its class.
HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax®

HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax®

The tests were conducted following an extensive redesign to the already successful EscaMax® screen. The modifications to the screen not only improve the Screenings Capture Ratio but also help reduce maintenance costs by extending the period between servicing and reducing routine maintenance.

As Nick Hunt, Huber UK’s Sales Director explained  “the EscaMax® has been an incredibly successful screen with over 420 installed worldwide and over 50 in the UK alone. However, we are always looking at ways to improve performance and after listening to our customers’ needs the decision was taken to further redesign certain mechanical features of the screen”.

Inlet screens purchased for WwTWs that do not function efficiently increase operational expenditure due to a variety of reasons. Poor reliability increases screen maintenance costs and solids material which passes through a screen can block downstream equipment.  Poor screen performance can reduce effluent quality and increase the risk of Constent failure.

Aesthetic requirements within consented discharges and the desire for reduced operational expenditure throughout the wastewater process have driven the UK water Industry towards finer screening. As a result, a considerable variety of fine screens are available and the selection of the correct one for a given application is a key decision for any operator.

To learn more about the EscaMax® and HUBER’s extensive range of screens contact:
Rachael Harvey, rhhuber.couk