Meeting The AMP6 Challenge

Huber Technology Packaged Sludge Thickening and Dewatering Equipment

ROTAMAT® Sludge Dewaterer RoS 3Q

ROTAMAT® Sludge Disc Thickener RoS 2S

During AMP5 it has become evident from discussing solutions with the water companies and their consultants and contractors that packaged solutions, built off-site have significant benefits when delivering projects.  
As the plans for AMP6 are released to the supply chain it is clear that these features will become even more important over the coming investment cycle and beyond.

In response, Huber Technology has developed a new concept for a skid mounted package plant for its innovative ROTAMAT® Sludge Disc Thickener (RoS 2S) and it’s ROTAMAT® Sludge Dewaterer (RoS 3Q). The technology is ideally suited to decentralised sites where sludge is thickened and dewatered to reduce transportation costs to larger sludge centres- another growing requirement of AMP6. 

Key Benefits:

  • Small Footprint
  • Meets AMP6 requirements
  • Reduced installation time, health and safety risk, environmental factors and interfaces
  • Includes all ancillaries, poly preparation plant and thickened sludge feed pump.
  • Skid mounted / containerised / trailer mounted
  • Temporary or Permanent Solution

The units are designed to allow for full access for operation and maintenance and depending on the equipment can even be mounted outdoors to reduce building costs.

Due to the fully enclosed nature of the equipment it is ideal for unmanned sites and also features low washwater, power and polymer requirements.

The design of the plant can be customised to suit individual customers and site requirements enabling solutions for all sizes of sites to be catered for.

For further information please contact us on 01249 765000.