Meet HUBER Technology at the Water Equipment Show in Telford

HUBER Technology will be exhibiting and speaking at the Water Equipment Show at the International Centre, Telford 16th May 2019.

Meet HUBER technology at The Water Equipment Show in Telford!

Sludge thickening

Screening and grit removal

HUBER Technology is a leading supplier of stainless steel wastewater treatment equipment. We offer high quality innovative solutions for all your wastewater requirements for both Municipal and Industrial markets.This exhibition is the ideal event for us to showcase our capabilities to anyone operating within the Water and Wastewater Industries.

Dale Foster, Area Manager for HUBER Technology will be speaking in the Wastewater technical breakout room A at 1pm. Within Dale’s presentation, he will cover the significant challenges faced when transporting sewage around the networks due to the presence of so-called “flushable” items whilst highlighting some interesting solutions that could enhance the great work that pump providers have made to the workhorse of the networks.

He will pose the question “whether with the ever increasing problems caused by non-biodegradable items within the wastewater network is screening in certain instances a viable solution to reduce pollution incidents and further improve the performance and reliability of the networks”? 

So please come along and listen to Dale’s presentation or visit our stand F29 where we will be highlighting HUBER’s solutions and products in the wastewater industry.

The range of products includes;

  • Solids and screenings removal, fine screens, coarse screens and micro screens
  • Washing, conveying and compacting of solids and screenings
  • Sludge screening, thickening, dewatering and drying
  • Grit removal and treatment
  • Tertiary treatment
  • Anaerobic digestion, pre and post digestion treatment
  • Industrial wastewater treatment

The photos aside show two recently completed projects in the UK.