Learn more about HUBER Technology’s Stainless Steel Access Covers

HUBER Technology, already well known for its innovative wastewater treatment solutions, are excited to be expanding its range of HUBER Safe Access Solutions in the UK.

Weatherproof manhole cover SD1

Manhole cover SD3, attack-proof / security tested, weather-proof

Manhole cover SD7, for flush fitting, load bearing, attack-proof / security tested, weather-proof

One area of particular interest for the UK is the range of Technical Access Manhole covers and associated safety ladders and grills, which include:

  • Stainless steel access manhole covers
  • Stainless steel ladders, railings & safety guards

HUBER have installed over 100,000 access manhole covers globally, providing customers with the following key benefits:

  • Unrivalled product life
  • Maximum corrosion protection through state of the art production techniques
  • Cost advantages through value-engineered standardised products
  • High level of safety and security options for operators
  • Weatherproof, secure, load bearing
  • Central locking systems
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to handle (gas damper)
  • Completely maintenance-free
  • EN 124 and EN 1627-RC3 certified
  • Experienced technical support & service

Manhole Cover:

The products SD1 and SD2 are available as square and round weatherproof manhole covers for a variety of application areas. These covers are available in different designs with options to add ventilation & insulation. Options for opening from the inside with an emergency opening handle in the door is available. Several of the standard sizes are available for direct delivery from our factory in Germany and the custom built covers are manufactured after the order has been recieved.

The products SD3 and SD4 are available as square and round weatherproof access manhole covers with a higher safety rating than the SD1 and SD2 covers for use in non-traffic areas. These are certified with RC3 classification according to EN 124 and they are used to protect shafts with valuable content (such as drinking water or expensive equipment) against burglars and vandalism. There are others options available; ventilation & insulation, ability to open from inside, an emergency opening handle and safety interlock alarm.

The SD7 and SD7.R products are flush fitting access covers. These have been tested with a loadbearing tests in accordance with DIN 1229 / RC 3. Available in different designs, loaded for 15/125/400 kN and sealed with a rubber seal. An option of installing folding railings for safety is available.

All of the HUBER manhole access covers are supplied with a gas damper (multiple gas dampers on larger sizes) and have lock cylinder protection. Due to the use of gas dampers, one person is able to open and close each of our manhole covers without the help of another person. To ensure safety, fall protection can be added with safety grids inside the shaft or railings around the shaft. If you are using this access manhole cover on a potable water installation, an option available is to mount our collection cover (sits below the manhole cover lid.) and this removes the possibility of contamination through vandalism / terrorism to the manhole access cover and provides protection to the potable water)

For further information on HUBER Access Manhole Covers and other Safe Access Solutions in our range, please contact Rachael.Harveyhuber.couk