Improving Digestate Quality and Reducing Maintenance Requirements

AD treatment specialist HUBER Technology provide solutions to the AD market Pre & Post Digestion: With an increased focus on plastics removal and PAS110 our technology solution is the HUBER STRAINPRESS®, which removes plastics that are left in the digestate. Separated plastics are dewatered and compacted to reduce disposal volumes further.


Another area of the AD treatment process that is under scrutiny is the excessive build-up of grit in the digesters, blockage of pipework and damage to pumps. Where there is a lack of a Grit Trap, entry into the tanks can be required to remove settled grit. The HUBER Longitudinal Grit Trap and Grit Washer remove grit and inorganics before they reach the digester. Additionally, the grit can be washed to enhance the quality of the material and reduce lost organics.

These are just two of the areas where HUBER Technology can provide solutions and at the forthcoming exhibition customers will have the opportunity to meet James Tucker, our experienced Industrial Manager and find out where and how we can help your plant run more efficiently and what process enhancements could be made to optimise the whole plant.

HUBER STRAINPRESS® = Plastics Removal = Help to meet PAS 110, Improved digestate quality

HUBER Longitudinal Grit Trap & Washer =Grit Removal =Increase Gas Yield, Reduced maintenance

We are excited to support our customers on new plants and are keen to be involved in the early stages of planning a plant to ensure all areas of the process are looked at. With the RHI now confirmed before the show and a short window for new projects to qualify, we are expecting an interesting and busy show this year.

The team is looking forward to meeting and explaining to visitors how our technology works at the forthcoming exhibition.


HUBER Technology at UK AD and BIOGAS WORLD EXPO 2018: Meet us at Stand E501