HUBER Technology- Water Industry Award Finalist 2019

The finalists have been announced for this year’s Water Industry Awards 2019. HUBER Technology are delighted to have been shortlisted again for the second year running.

The shortlisting is as a finalist in the following category:

  • Alliancing and Partnership Initiative of the Year

HUBER Technology working with Wessex Engineering and Construction Services M&E (WECS)

During Amp 6, Wessex Water have undertaken a Capital Maintenance sub-program of waste water inlet screen replacements across 34 operational sites. Early assessment of the sub-program by Wessex Engineering and Construction Services alongside the chosen Framework inlet screen plant supplier HUBER, identified opportunities to improve efficiencies through a lighter and more streamlined delivery approach.

The revised delivery approach offered significant savings against the initial AMP6 sub program budget. Additional savings were achieved during the Amp through early / bulk procurement of HUBER equipment and the development of innovative wash water solutions.

The collaboration during Amp 6 has allowed the development of standard designs for inlet screening plant which offer reduced energy consumption and OPEX costs. These designs are currently being used to identify similar program of work during Amp 7 and offer further opportunity for improved efficiency and savings.