HUBER Technology – hire equipment fleet goes from strength to strength

HUBER Technology’s investment in its hire equipment business is going from strength to strength - latest additions to the growing range of new robust, reliable equipment available to hire include the OEM’s highly regarded ROTAMAT® Ro9 combined screen.

The past 12 months have seen increasing uptake of the Ro9 units on a hire basis by HUBER’s industrial customers and the water companies.

The HUBER Micro Strainer ROTAMAT® Ro9 is based upon a unique system that allows the combination of screening, washing, transport, compaction and dewatering in a single unit. According to HUBER, customers are seeing the benefits of the Ro9’s quick and easy installation and low disposal costs due to integrated screenings washing and compaction, making it particularly well suited for hire purposes. There are currently more than 1400 installed across the UK and Southern Ireland.

The wastewater technology specialists are capitalising on their experience and expertise to optimise all their hire equipment by specifically engineering it – making it easier to move around, more agile and more robust so it can be deployed fast and effectively on site.

According to Kevin Ockwell- Sales & Aftersales Manager, HUBER’s design engineers have sunk many hours of design development to provide solutions for customers that really works for them.

“We’ve thought long and hard about what they want and the equipment we can offer has come out of hours of talking to customers and really understanding their needs.”   

HUBER has taken the strategic decision to focus on areas where it has seen a common demand across its customer base.

Kevin Benson, who heads up the HUBER Technology hire business, commented:

“We have a loyal customer base who already make regular use of our sludge and compactor hire capability. Now we want to flag up fact that we can also provide a similar capability in terms of inlet screens.”

HUBER Technology’s dedicated fleet hire division looks set for further expansion in AMP7 as the water companies seek to strengthen the life and optimise the use of their operational assets. 

The company is increasingly seeing customers making more use of the well-known tried and tested Ro9 units, which are capable of processing up to 200 litres per second, both for unscheduled downtime or as part of their proactive maintenance planning.

According to Kevin Benson, customers are choosing to bring the Ro9’s on hire to keep their plants running to meet planned downtime scheduled for assets and plant so they can assess where replacement parts or modifications are needed to keep them running at their optimum performance. Where equipment of other manufacture have gone off line a tank mounted application complete with a local control panel can be installed providing a bypass over pumping solution maintaining screening of incoming flows to the treatment works.

Kevin Benson continued:

“With the Hire depot strategically located in the centre of the UK, our customers really value our ability to offer a quick response and flexible service, coupled with the key advantage that we can provide OEM hire to temporarily replace equipment on a like for like basis rather than just offering a generic substitute.”

“For customers who use the Ro9’s it’s the perfect solution. They are all under tough service targets where they simply cannot afford a fall-off in performance for any length of time at any individual site. “

“For the water companies, who are looking to either meet or out, perform on the targets, using the same kit enables them to reach the required levels.”

“They all have to stretch their assets and get maximum value for their maintenance budgets. We understand that and we’ve set ourselves corresponding in-house targets to ensure we can match their needs.”

HUBER Technology sees building and maintaining strong relationships with their customers as a key element in the hire toolkit.  The company takes the view that it offers best in class kit and wants to offer best in class service and hire as an integral part of the customer package.

Kevin Ockwell commented:

“We have a rich experience to draw on and we’ve got a process in place that has its foundations in years of accumulated experience. We’ve seen so many situations where we’ve come across similar problems – we’ve assimilated the outcomes and developed appropriate solutions, meaning we can save customers time and money.”

However, while HUBER does not need to have a learning curve the company is not staying still. As part of the technology specialist’s business strategy it is always looking to improve and asking itself the same questions that customers ask themselves.

How can we do it better/ quicker and more efficiently, yet be more flexible and agile?

HUBER is also aware of the increasingly key role that a resilient supply chain can play in helping customers with budgets under pressure to meet tough challenges and operational performance commitments.

Kevin Benson concluded:

“We understand what having an expert hire capability in place means to customers. For us it is all about collaboration and trust.  We want them to see us as their dedicated external resource they can turn to whenever they need us, with confidence in the knowledge that we are only a phone call away.

“If our customers are thriving so are we – so we have a strong vested interest in keeping them there.”

For further information on our range of Hire products please go to our website or contact Kevin Benson on Kevin.Bensonhuber.couk  07802 459307