HUBER at IFAT 2018

In May this year HUBER took part in the bi-annual IFAT exhibition in Munich where we presented our comprehensive range of products and innovative solutions to increase water and energy efficiency.

HUBER Perforated Plate and Bar Screens


HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS®

On display, on the impressive 1,100 m² HUBER stand, were a full range of full sized machines and plants, videos, animations and detailed models. Experienced HUBER specialists were on hand offering advice to customers from across the world.

New products launched included the larger capacity HUBER STRAINPRESS® 420 sludge screen and the HUBER Carbonwin® process.  

The STRAINRESS® 420 is the latest development of an inline sludge screening system for throughputs up to 150 m³/h. Coarse material separation and dewatering is performed in one process step. The machine can be integrated into pressure fed pipeline systems. Different screen perforation sizes enable the separation of fibrous material from sewage sludge as well as the removal of plastic particles from fermentation residues.

HUBER CarbonWin® System provides the possibility of retrofitting sewage treatment plants to change from an aerobic to an anaerobic sludge stabilisation process. The first process step of the HUBER CarbonWin® System is a mechanical treatment stage followed by a grit and grease trap. A HUBER Drum Screen LIQUID is installed downstream of this assembly. The effluent from the drum screen is fed to the aerobic treatment system, whereas the separated fine screenings are thickened and passed on to anaerobic treatment in a digester.

The redesigned HUBER Screw Press Q-PRESS®, available in three sizes, has been further optimised and offers now best dewatering efficiency with maximum energy efficiency. Easy operation and maintenance combined with small space requirements are additional advantages of this machine.

One of the major topics for HUBER this year was digitalisation and its enormous potential in the wastewater industry for helping to ensure operating reliability and plant availability.