Getting More From Anaerobic Digestion

How Huber Technology optimises the AD process

Huber Technology Grit Washer

Huber Technology are a supplier of waste water treatment equipment and offer a wide range of products for enhancing the AD process.

Over the last 5 years Huber Technology have been working closely with the AD industry to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs, and have worked successfully with many leading operators and designers  of food waste AD plants including Tamar Energy , Biogen, Andigestion and Shanks Group.

Huber Technology’s solutions are used throughout the AD process, on both small and large sites. From pre-digestion for screening, washing oversized material and removing grit and glass through to post-digestion for removal of plastics and other contaminants (to help meet PAS110 requirements), as well as dewatering and digestate-cleaning to reduce disposal costs. 

“One of the things we’ve learned over the last few years is that no two sites are the same. For example the way food waste is depackaged and prepared can have an enormous effect on the process downstream.” commented Steve Morris, Managing Director at Huber Technology. “Recognising that customers’ operations differ, we have a range of pilot plants available for demonstrating Huber Technology on different process streams. This can be of huge benefit to customers when evaluating different technologies to see Huber equipment running and working in their process”.

This year Huber are once again sponsoring The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association’s AD & Biogas Exhibition 1-2nd July at the NEC Birmingham. Visitors can find Huber on stand B301 where they can learn more about the company’s ability to enhance the AD process.  The company will also attend and exhibit at ADBA’s annual R&D Forum being held this year at Southampton University 14-15th April.

For more information on our products and trial units please contact Tony Clutten 01249 765050.