A Wastewater Screening and Screenings Processing Solution Case Study at Kinmel Bay STW

HUBER Technology recently supplied, installed and commissioned three HUBER Belt Screen EscaMax®, a 6 mm 2D perforated plate fine screen and two HUBER Screenings Wash Press WAP® L BG8’s to Kinmel Bay, a Dwr Cymru Welsh Water coastal site in North Wales.

The new inlet works would be required to screen a total of 1250l/s.
Scaled physical hydraulic model which was used to fully test, operate and optimise flows.
Dye and 6mm scaled particles were used to optimise the flow through the works ranging from 450l/s up to peak flow rate of 1250l/s.
Installation of HUBER EscaMax® inlet screens and HUBER WAP® L commenced in Feb 2019.
Completed Installation

Each HUBER EscaMax® Screen was designed for a hydraulic flow of 450 l/s.

The existing inlet works contained two tank mounted Longwood’s escalator screens and could cater for 900l/s. They struggled to deal with the incoming flows, overtopped and bypassed regularly. With a new development of 1700 new houses, the existing works was condemned and a new open area was set aside for new inlet works on site.

The new inlet works would be required to screen a total of 1250l/s.

JN Bentley considered the use of hydraulic modelling to optimise the layout and to ensure hydraulic performance of the new inlet works and commissioned a scale physical hydraulic model.

HUBER and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water visited the scaled physical hydraulic model and got to see first-hand the model in operation. The model layout was altered as a result of the model testing, the grit trap was rotated 90° in line with the inlet channels, and a low baffle wall was built to aid flow into the rest of the works.

Once the results from the physical model were approved an order was placed with HUBER and work started on site.

Installation of HUBER EscaMax® inlet screens and HUBER WAP® L commenced in Feb 2019.

Full commissioning, optimisation and the provision of O&M Staff training of all the new equipment. 


HUBER Technology Supplied

  • 2 No. 5000/952/6 HUBER EscaMax® Screens with 6 mm perforated plate screen elements for a hydraulic throughput of 450 l/s per screen.
  • 1 No. stainless steel “U” shaped 300mm launder.
  • 2 No. HUBER WAP®L 8S Wash Presses suitable for a screenings throughput of 8 m3/hour.
  • Mechanical Installation of all HUBER equipment.

 “The complex challenges of this project meant that it was imperative we engaged early and effectively with the Contractor. Building the physical model gave Dwr Cymru Welsh Water the confidence that the right equipment was proposed for this site. We are confident that the equipment supplied will provide the end user with a vast improved performance of the inlet works and downstream processes.” 
Adrian Heneghan - Area Manager for HUBER Technology

Key Benefits

  • Fully tested solution using a fully scaled hydraulic model
  • Choice of perforation sizes on the EscaMax® with a screening capture ratio of 84% and maintenance free ceramic bearings
  • WAP® L –screening capture ratio of up to 18m3/h with a low wash water requirement and volume, weight and disposal costs reductions up to 85%
  • 500 + UK installations

For more information please contact Rachael Harvey 01249 765052, email Rachael.Harveyhuber.couk