Further development of the well-proven ROTAMAT® screen concept: new Pro line

HUBER ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen RoMem Pro 1600 installed on STP Bitterfeld-Wolfen
HUBER ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen RoMem Pro 1600 installed on STP Bitterfeld-Wolfen

The sewage treatment plant Bitterfeld-Wolfen clarifies the municipal wastewater of the sewage treatment association "Westliche Mulde", the industrial wastewaters of the companies P-D-ChemiePark Bitterfeld-Wolfen and Industriepark BAYER Bitterfeld, and the groundwater of MDSE GmbH (large-scale ecological project of the regional authority for the release of soil remediation responsibility of the German Federal Land Saxony-Anhalt). The total capacity of the sewage treatment plant is 586.000 PE (population equivalent).

The main wastewater clarification takes place in several separate pretreatment stages (mechanical, chemical-physical) and in one common aerobic biological treatment stage. To produce biogas, a separate wastewater flow from methyl cellulose production is treated in anaerobic reactors together with a partial flow of the municipal wastewater which is heated by heat exchangers. The municipal wastewater is prescreened in our ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen RoMem Pro 1600 to protect the heat exchangers. The RoMem screen is equipped with a 1.0 mm square mesh. The two-dimensional structure of this mesh ensures that a very high degree of fibre and hair retention is achieved. The RoMem Pro version is a further development of the standard system.

Discharge from the HUBER ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen RoMem
Discharge from the HUBER ROTAMAT® Membrane Screen RoMem

The well-proven concept of HUBER ROTAMAT® machines excels especially for its drum-shaped screen basket and installation angle. The latter allows to combine several functions in one unit (screening, washing, removal, compaction, dewatering). For applications with increased throughput requirements HUBER has developed the RoMem Pro version which makes it possible to continuously wet a larger area of the screen surface and thus significantly increase throughput capacity compared to the standard design. A smaller design is therefore sufficient to achieve the same results but with reduced space requirements, construction costs, investment costs and spray water demand.

The simple design of the Pro version also permits easy retrofitting of existing screens so that an increase in throughput capacity can be achieved without the need for any structural alterations of the channel. Even if the backup at the outlet end is high the Pro design guarantees the safe transport of screenings and thus ensures a reliable and safe plant operation even under difficult conditions.

Like the folded perforated plate of the RPPS Star screen, also this Pro version represents a further development of the well-known and well-proven system of HUBER ROTAMAT® screens (Ro 2, RPPS, RoMem):

The new innovative design makes it possible to even better adjust the machines to individual requirements and conditions. It is even more easier now to find the most optimally suitable solution for different wastewater qualities and installation conditions.

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