Learn more about HUBER Technology’s Stainless Steel Technical Doors

HUBER Technology, already well known for its innovative wastewater treatment solutions, are excited to be expanding its range of HUBER Safe Access Solutions in the UK.

One area of particular interest for the UK is the range of Technical Doors which include:

  • Stainless steel pressure tight submarine doors
  • Stainless steel security doors

HUBER have installed 10,000 technical doors globally, providing customers with the following key benefits:

  • Unrivalled product life
  • Maximum corrosion protection through state of the art production techniques
  • Cost advantages through value-engineered standardised products
  • High level of safety and security options for operators
  • Weatherproof, watertight, secure, odour tight, load bearing
  • Inspection windows & access hatches
  • Pressure tight solutions
  • Central locking systems
  • Easy to install
  • DIN, EN 1627 (security doors) & WRAS approved
  • Experienced technical support & service
TT7 Pressurised submarine doors
TT2 Security Door-single, also available as a double door

HUBER’s complete range of stainless steel pressure tight submarine doors and security doors are designed and manufactured by HUBER in Germany. With expertise and experience manufacturing in stainless steel - product quality, long lifetime and optimum functionality are guaranteed. A wide range of standard products, sizing options and optional extras are offered, and HUBER’s experienced design team can discuss individual customer requirements.

HUBER’s most widely sold door is the pressure-tight doors TT7 (pictured below) and TT7.R (round). These together with our security doors TT2 are engineered to meet the specific site requirements at a reservoir / water treatment plant or storage facility.

Features of the TT7 and TT7.R pressure tight doors include: 

  • Manufactured to resist water pressure up to 10 meters, but can be designed to withstand up to 30 meters.
  • Quickly and easily mounted in concrete, fitted to precast sections or mounted in a frame for retrofitting.
  • Door opening into the tank / duct, ensuring a perfect seal is formed against the frame.
  • Access via a central locking system, locking levers or screw locks.
  • All doors are available with spotlight and inspection windows as an option allowing  inspection and monitoring without the need to enter
  • Water sampling option available
  • HUBER doors are WRAS approved ensuring compliance with Water Supply Regulations.

HUBER’s TT2 security doors have been fully tested to meet the toughest safety requirements and are certified to EN1627 to withstand and prevent unauthorised access, helping to secure key assets against vandalism, theft, and contamination.

The TT2 security door is available in a range of standard dimensions but can also be manufactured to your specified requirements.

For further information on HUBER Technical Doors or other Safe Access Solutions in our range, please contact Rachael.Harveyhuber.couk