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Trial Units - Reducing Risk

Understandably industry has a tradition of being cautious of introducing new technologies into existing processes. The wastewater and manufacturing sectors are no different, and often want to see a new product working on a live site to prove its reliability and performance over a period of time, as well as to demonstrate the benefits it offers before making a decision to invest. With over 5,000 machines delivered in the UK alone, it’s likely we have equipment installed close to you, but we do understand the benefit of seeing a machine treating the unique wastewater generated at each site.

With this in mind, HUBER Technology offers a range of trial units to demonstrate the suitability of our technology, allowing customers to gain confidence and make an informed decision before purchasing. In many cases, site trials also provide an opportunity to optimise the process since HUBER trial units are full size (rather than pilot) offering all of the features of the permanent plant. Trial equipment currently includes various sizes of:

Depending on the process, trial units can be provided with control panel & level control, feed & forwarding pumps, polymer batching & dosing equipment and tanks for mounting screens in. Some units are provided as plug-and-play skids/containers, only requiring power and connecting pipework to be provided and connected by site. After installation, a HUBER commissioning engineer ensures the equipment is operating correctly and is optimised, as well as providing full operator training.

Trials will typically be run over the course of a few weeks, enabling the plant to demonstrate performance against normal production variations. The trial period offers full visibility of typical operational requirements, so that these can be compared to alternatives. Finally, if trialling a sludge treatment unit, the treated material can be sent to potential alternative disposal sites for approval, before committing to the permanent plant.. 

For further details, and to discuss you specific requirements, please contact one of our Area Managers.