Control Panels

HUBER Control and Automation

Huber Control and Automation has been set up especially to meet the needs of
the industry in finding the most cost-effective solutions for controlling HUBER machines.

The department, headed up by Paul Blackoe, has brought improved consistency
and maintained the HUBER philosophy of supplying the 'best for business'.

Efficient use of proven industrial technology ensures precise control across the entire range of HUBER products.

Panel Design

HUBER Control Panels are designed and manufactured using a generic design ensuring ease of operation and familiarity for the customer across the HUBER range.

  • Robust Panel design with software developed in house for optimized performance
  • The flexibility to offer solutions tailored to each application.
  • Siemens, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, Schneider Automation and others.
  • Remote condition monitoring options.
  • Seamless integration between machine and Control Panel through common supplier.
  • Technical support and after sale service with unrivalled knowledge of the product.

Control Panel Standards

Our Control Panels are all manufactured according to the following standards:

  • Form 2 control panels manufactured in stainless or mild steel
  • Designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with:

    • WIMES 3.04 issue 4 (standard clauses)
    • LV Directive 73/23/EC
    • EMC Directive 89/336/EC
    • BS EN 60204-1 – Safety of Machinery – Electrical equipment of machines
    • BS EN 61439-2 – Low Voltage switchgear & control gear assemblies
    • EN ISO13849-1 – Safety Related Parts

We will also accommodate all current Water Company specifications.