Life at HUBER

HUBER Technology UK staff 2017

HUBER Technology strives to be a high performing organisation and the company’s culture reflects the importance of people’s commitment, involvement and engagement towards the achievement of organisational goals and performance. There is a particular focus on collaborative working amongst individuals and within teams and investment in personal and professional development.

Strong Company Core Values reflect the Company’s culture and act as guiding principles to foster collaborative behaviours and create a working environment, which is engaging and motivational and allows the company to respond appropriately to ever increasing customer demands.

HUBER Technology invests time and effort into the induction and training of new members of staff. The company deems it essential for new recruits to engage with their key interfaces at an early stage of their employment. The approach ensures that a sound understanding of each other’s roles, responsibilities and priorities can be developed. The establishment of these relationships will support HUBER Technology’s collaborative working culture.

Annual “Performance, Development and Learning Reviews” are particularly aimed at individual and team development but also focus on the reinforcement of behavioural aspects which are aligned to the Company's core values.

HUBER Technology understands the value of good leadership and its contribution to the Company’s success and invests time, effort and training accordingly.

Various Focus Group and Team Meeting initiatives provide the opportunity to share knowledge and to learn from each other and to assist each other in delivering projects collectively and effectively whilst focusing on improvements that can be achieved in relation to cost, technical advancement and efficiencies.

HUBER  Technology operates an annual profit related bonus program to recognise the collective effort of teams and individuals.

HUBER Technology is proud to be an Investors in People Gold Company and whilst this reflects the investment in good people management practices, it also allows the Company to identify the challenges ahead and to continuously improve.