Energy from Wastewater

Wastewater contains thermal energy, and we can recover some of this energy with heat pumps.

With our HUBER ThermWin® system for heat recovery from sewage we withdraw sewage from the sewer, screen it, pump it through above-ground Heat Exchangers, and then return it back into the sewer.

Because we screen and pump the sewage, we can use compact and cost-effective heat exchangers, wherein we generate a well-defined and turbulent flow for efficient heat transfer.

For screening we use a vertical screw screen ROTAMAT® Pumping Stations Screen RoK 4 that is compact and lifts the screening through its vertical auger. Returned sewage flushed the lifted screenings over a chute back into the sewer.




  • Efficient use of renewable and sustainable energy
  • Unlimited availability, secure supply
  • Local and free, decentralized heat source
  • Cost-effective from a dry weather flow of around 10 L/s
  • Negligible effect on wastewater treatment (sewage cooling by 1 – 2 °C only)
  • Independence from sewer size
  • Use of compact, efficient and cost-effective heat exchangers
  • Heat exchangers above ground (easy access for installation and maintenance)
  • Little construction work (narrow manhole beside sewer)
  • Minimal interference of existing sewers (only drilling of two holes)

Case Studies